Hi, my name is Sandra, and who am I…

I guess I could describe myself as a life lover. I get inspired and driven by so many different things every day (the list would be way too long).

This website is dedicated to one of my favourite occupations, Oil Painting. I came across Oil Painting a couple of years ago; I was always driven to colours, and what colours could do to your surroundings. A friend of mine suggested I try painting and it just stuck in my head for a while until urge to do it took over.

I have been taking and still attend oil art classes with a professional teacher in Sligo. Through the years I developed confidence and my own style in the way I create paintings. My understanding and ability to see different forms and shapes keep progressing every single day.

I am extremely influenced by the lovely surrounding of Ireland where I live for the last 10 years. Originally born and raised in the country side of France, I have always been spoiled by amazing scenery and cultures.

My dream is to create many more paintings, paintings that bring joy and emotion into your life. I have been fortunate enough to be asked to draw pictures that meant a lot to people. Being able to express myself and bring happiness through my paintings is a wish come true.

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It’s with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to my friend and artist Elaine.

My name is Elaine and I started Oil Painting in 2005 when I attended a class with a friend in my native town of Sligo, Ireland. My inspiration is the countryside, vibrant colours and a running theme through my paintings is water!

My paintings are mainly done from photographs that I have taken. My first painting was taken from resources that my art tutor provided and I didn’t know the location until my sister and her husband returned from a visit to Killarney, Co. Kerry with a photograph of ‘my bridge’. I took a visit to the meeting of the waters last year and it is truly spectacular.

The Upper lake, Middle Lake (Muckross Lake) and Lower Lake (Lough Leane) all come together at this beautiful spot. It even inspired me to try the painting again from one of my own photographs!

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